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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment dentist, Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, often referred to as RCT for short, is a treatment that is primarily used to help save a tooth that has gone through significant decay or has become infected. The name “root canal” refers to the space that is in the middle of the root system inside the tooth. This is where the tooth’s nerve and blood supply reside.

During root canal treatment, the diseased nerve and blood supply are removed, the root canal system is then cleaned thoroughly with specialised instruments and medicaments. Once the cleaning process is complete, the root canal system is filled with a special material.

In most cases, the root canal treatment will occur over two or three appointments. They go as follows:

  • The dentist will start by taking X-rays of your teeth to see the extent of the damage and the condition of the nerves.
  • While preparing for your treatment, we will likely use a local anaesthetic to ensure you feel minimal discomfort.
  • A dental dam (rubber isolation apparatus) will be placed around the tooth, keeping it dry and ensuring that any chemicals used during the treatment are not swallowed.
  • After this, the dentist will open the tooth, exposing the root system, and proceed to remove the diseased nerve and blood supply. If there is a dental abscess, this will be drained at the same time, and the tooth may be dressed with antibiotics
  • Your dentist will reassess the root system, systematically cleaning it and then fill it This part of the process may take multiple visits.

Further treatment to restore the tooth, such as adding a crown to cover the natural tooth, or whitening the tooth, can be discussed, if necessary.

When you arrange a root canal treatment with Liberty Dental, we will do everything we can to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery, including providing you with aftercare instructions. Your restored tooth should not feel the same pain as it did before the treatment, but we may recommend over-the-counter pain relief for any remaining discomfort.

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