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Check-ups and Cleans (Hygiene)

Cleaning and Healthy Gums dentist, Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Check-ups and Cleans (Hygiene)

The importance of regular checkups

Regular check-ups give us the opportunity to perform a comprehensive exam of your oral health, checking in on your teeth, gums, and general hygiene. With regular checkups, we’re able to intercept any problems early. As such, we are much better able to act on and treat any issues. before they get bigger. Things that we look out for are tooth decay, gum disease, signs of grinding, compromised fillings, cracks, changes in the lining of the mouth and signs of oral cancer.

The majority of work that goes into protecting your teeth is done in the home with good oral hygiene practice. However, professional cleaning from your dentist at Liberty Dental can help ensure optimal oral health.

Every 6 months, we clear away the plaque that has accumulated around your teeth over time, clean the hard to reach places in the mouth, and make sure that everything is well with your dental health.

We use an ultrasonic scaler that cleans away plaque and tartar efficiently and painlessly. This is then followed by a tooth polish. We can also provide fluoride treatments to ensure the best kind of clean.

Simply put, everyone! Regardless of age and oral health condition, preventative dentistry is always recommended to ensure the protection of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Without preventative dentistry, your risk of discolouration, decay, infection, toothache and tooth loss, all rise significantly.

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Regardless of your age, dental history, or whenever the last time you had a check-up was, Liberty Dental is here to make you feel safe, comfortable, and to ensure the health and protection of your teeth. Make an appointment today to begin your check-ups and cleans and have peace of mind about your dental health.

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