What is it?

Are your teeth crooked, or misaligned? This can affect proper function as well as a person’s confidence to smile. However, there are ways you can stop this from interfering with your confidence, or daily habits.

What causes it?

Crooked or misaligned teeth are due to a mixture of inherited personal traits, poor dental habits formed during a person’s earlier years, or due to irregularities in the structure of a person’s teeth and/or the size of their mouth and jaw. The long-term effect of these irregularities can gradually change a person’s facial appearance.


Problems with tooth alignment includes:

• Crowded teeth
• Deep bites
• Teeth that stick out too far
• Teeth that have too much spacing
• Open bite (teeth that do not meet properly)

The Solution

Braces, Invisalign, and other alignment devices are some of the more popular options available for individuals looking to address crooked and misaligned teeth. Get in touch with our dentists for a consultation, and learn which solutions would suit you best.

Depending on your consultation, possible treatments can involve the use of braces, or brace-less systems.

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