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Invisalign as Whitening trays + promo

Invisalign as Whitening trays + promo

As a bonus, what you can do with your Invisalign or with your retainers is you can actually use them as whitening trays, which is something very popular that we do. We give you the whitening. You can dispense it into the Invisalign aligner or into the retainer and you wear it and you have […]

Are retainers a must

Are retainers a must?

Anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t wear retainers is tricking you because teeth will always want to move to a certain point. So yes, with braces and with Invisalign retainers are a must if you want to preserve the results that you achieve. I say it’s similar to dieting, if you go on a […]

Before During and after invisaligners

Before During and after invisalign

Before you get your Invisalign, it’s really important to have a full check-up to make sure that there’s nothing going on with the teeth. That there’s no holes, that your gums are okay, and then you can go onto have your Invisalign. When we do the Invisalign, we take impressions, we take photos. I design […]

Invisalign Treatment Schedule Disruptions

Invisalign Treatment Schedule Disruptions

With special events, we do work around them so we keep those in mind, and if you let me know, then I can design the treatments in such a way to make sure that no adjustments are required during the time that you’re away. So I’ve had patients who are getting married so we made […]

Invisalign Treatment Process Explained

Invisalign Treatment Process Explained

The first visit where we actually put on the aligners, that’s a longer visit that takes about an hour for us to put the attachments on and teach you how to put the aligners in and take them out. And, generally, after that we will see you every six to eight weeks and they are […]

Who are the least suitable for invisaligners

Who are the least suitable for Invisalign?

You have to really be diligent. So, if you are not able to do that, then braces may be the better option for you. Someone who has a severe, what we call a skeletal discrepancy, where the jaws are just completely different sizes. It also depends on what they want to achieve. Do they really […]

How does Invisalign works

How does Invisalign works?

If we think about how Invisalign works, with the aligner, it sits around the tooth and encloses it completely, and that way, we can get control over how we are going to move the teeth. We also put these white attachments on the teeth. You can hardly see them. And they are actually a smart […]

Does Invisalign costs more than braces

Does Invisalign cost more than braces?

So the price depends on the complexity and the length of the case. So, there are cases that will take, maybe a few months. They wouldn’t be that expensive. But the typical full Invisalign case, which would range from 12 to 24 months, that would be the more expensive case. It also depends whether you’re […]

Invisalign vs other brands

Invisalign vs other brands

From experience, I found that Invisalign is the one that is most superior and offers the best results. Yeah, so there are a lot of other brands out there on the market, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. But from experience, I found that Invisalign is the one that is most superior and […]